#24 Waitangi Day 2016

> March 6th, 2016 ---

Broadcast on 6 February 2016.  On this week’s program, both the DMT and Dr Allan joined Guido.  In honour of the national day of our cousins across the ditch, we listened to The Rabble, Selfhood, The D4, The Mint Chicks and Maybe Rave and talked about Middle Zeeland.


#23 Never say, “Never”

> February 29th, 2016 ---

Broadcast on 30 January 2016.  Dr Allan joined Guido for this week’s program.  We listened to We The Kings, Squirtgun, Bowling for Soup, MXPX, Nerf Herder and Glenn Frey.  We talked about shooting the messenger, social exclusion and the violent weather.


#22 Can’t Afford the Ticket

> February 12th, 2016 ---

Broadcast on 23 January 2016.  The DMT joined Guido this week for a program of English power pop.  We listened to Kenicke, As It Is, Zatopeks, David Bowie, The Damned and McBusted.  We talked about roaming and paid homage to some giants of English music who recently passed on.


#21 der Geist seiner Zeit

> January 30th, 2016 ---

Broadcast on 16 January.  Dr Allan joined Guido for one of our regular explorations of Australian power pop.  We listened to Heroes for Hire, Mach Pelican, Bodyjar, One Dollar Short and Magic Dirt.  We talked about the nature of time, Skynet in the form of low orbit satellites and started taking the pulse of the Zeitgeist. 


#20 Woodchucks R Us

> January 23rd, 2016 ---

Broadcast on 9 January 2016. On this week’s program, the DMT joined Guido for some more wall-to-wall Canadian power pop.  We listened to Chixdiggit, Simple Plan, Chapeaumelon, Metric, Treble Charger and Hedley, and we talked about more things Canadian.


#19 Big Plans for 2016

> January 14th, 2016 ---

Broadcast on 2 January 2016. On this week's program, Dr Allan joined Guido. We listened to The Offspring, The Lillingtons, Green Day, Blink-182, NOFX and We The Kings, and we talked about knowledge and freedom of assembly.


#18 You Don’t Have 2 Outrun the Bear

> January 1st, 2016 ---

Broadcast on 26 December 2015.  On this week’s program, the DMT joined Guido and it was wall-to-wall Canadian power pop.  We listened to Sum 41, The Weakerthans, Subhumans, Propagandhi and Hot Hot Heat, and we talked about things Canadian.